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Indian Polity MCQs On ‘The National Emblems (Symbols) Of India’

Indian Polity MCQs on ‘The National Emblems (Symbols) of India’

Que- 16.  When did the “Chakra” in the National Flag replace the Charkha (spinning wheel)?

(a) in 1932

(b) in 1935

(c) in 1942

(d) in 1947

Correct Answer
Option (d) in 1947.

Que- 17.  Which of the following can be considered as a crime?

(a) Wearing the flag down the knee.

(b) Using the National Flag made of plastic.

(c) Use of National Flag for business, business or profession.

(d) All of the above.

Correct Answer
Option (d) All of the above

Que- 18.  Which colour remains at the top while hoisting the National Flag?

(a) Green

(b) White

(c) Saffron

(d) Red

Correct Answer
Option (c) Saffron (Kesariya)

Que- 19.  What is the mean of white colour used in the National Flag?

(a) Sacrifice

(b) Truth and Purity of thoughts

(c) Prosperity of life

(d) None of the above

Correct Answer
Option (b) Truth and Purity of thoughts

Que- 20.  What does Ashoka’s wheel in the Indian National flag represent?

(a) Wheel of Prosperity

(b) Wheel of the Law of Dharma

(c) Wheel of Authority

(d) Wheel of Power

Correct Answer
Option (b) Wheel of the Law of Dharma.

Note: “The Dharma-chakra” derives its name from the Dharma, which is the road of enlightenment and Nirvana. It can also refer to the Wheel of Law.

Que- 21.  Where can the National Flag be hoisted?

(a) At Rashtrapati Bhavan

(b) At Parliament House

(c) At the houses of common people

(d) All of the above

Correct Answer
Option (d) All of the above

Note: From 26 January 2002, the National Flag code has been changed. Now Indians have been given the freedom to hoist the National Flag at any time proudly anywhere.

Que- 22.  Under which article the Supreme Court did declared the right to hoist the National Flag as the Fundamental Right?

(a) Article 19 (i)

(b) Article 14

(c) Article 18

(d) Article 21

Correct Answer
Option (a) Article 19 (i).

Note: In 2002, the Supreme Court had declared the right to hoist the National Flag under Article 19 (i) (a) of the Constitution as the Fundamental Right.

Que- 23.  Which is the National Flower of India?

(a) Sunflower

(b) Lotus

(c) Rose

(d) Marigold

Correct Answer
Option (b) Lotus

Note: The Lotus represents spirituality, abundance, knowledge, and illumination.

Que- 24.  Which is the national aquatic animal of India?

(a) Sharks

(b) Golden fish

(c) Ganges River dolphin

(d) Rohu

Correct Answer
Option (c) Ganges River dolphin

Note: The Ganges River Dolphin is an important indicator of the health of the entire river ecosystem. The government of India declared it the national Animal in 2009.

Que- 25.  Which is the National Bird of India?

(a) Peacock

(b) Duck

(c) Parrot

(d) Pigeon

Correct Answer
Option (a) Peacock.

Note: The Peacock was declared the national bird of India in 1963.

Que- 26.  India’s National Animal is….?

(a) Deer

(b) Elephant

(c) Tiger

(d) Lion

Correct Answer
Option (c) Tiger.

Note: The tiger was declared the national animal of India in 1973.

Que- 27.  Which is the National Game of India?

(a) Hockey

(b) Football

(c) Badminton

(d) Cricket

Correct Answer
Option (a) Hockey.

Note: Hockey has seen a golden era during 1928-1956 when India won six consecutive gold medals in the Olympics. At that time India had played 24 Olympic matches and won all of them.

Que- 28.  Which is the National River of India?

(a) Godavari

(b) Ganga

(c) Brahmaputra

(d) Krishna

Correct Answer
Option (b) Ganga.

Note: Ganga River was declared as the national river of India on November 4th, 2008.

Que- 29.  What is the National Tree of India?

(a) Banyan Tree

(b) Pine Tree

(c) Neem Tree

(d) Peepal Tree

Correct Answer
Option (a) Banyan Tree

Note: The Banyan Tree represents eternal life, because of its ever-expanding branches.

Que- 30.  What is the National Currency of India?

(a) Euro

(b) Dirham

(c) Indian Rupee

(d) Yen

Correct Answer
Option (c) Indian Rupee.

Note: The flow of the Indian rupee is controlled by the Reserve Bank of India. The symbol of the Indian rupee is denoted as ₹.

Indian Polity MCQs on ‘The National Emblems (Symbols) of India’

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