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English Grammar Objective Questions: MCQs On ‘Antonyms’

English Grammar Objective Questions: MCQs on ‘Antonyms’

English Grammar Objective Questions: MCQs on ‘Antonyms’ are important questions for all competitive exams i.e. UPSC, SSC, Railways, Banking, CET etc. Many questions were asked in pervious year’s exams from this topic. 

Let’s start the topic:

English Grammar Objective Questions: MCQs on ‘Antonyms’

DIRECTIONS:  In the following questions choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word.

  1. Verity

(a) Sanctity

(b) Reverence

(c) Falsehood

(d) Rarity

Correct Answer
Option (c) Falsehood.


The word Verity (Noun) means: A belief or principle about life that is accepted as true; truth.

Hence, the words verity and falsehood are antonymous.

  1. Fervent

(a) Inexcilable

(b) Enduring

(c) Dispassionate

(d) Subdued

Correct Answer
Option (c) Dispassionate


  • The word Fervent (Adjective) means:  Having or showing very strong and sincere feelings about something; ardent.
  • The word Dispassionate (Adjective) means:  Not influenced by emotion; impartial.

Hence, the words fervent and dispassionate are antonymous

  1. Jettison

(a) Accept

(b) Reward

(c) Preserve

(d) Consent

Correct Answer
Option (a) Accept.


The word Jettison (Verb) means: To throw something; abandon; to reject an idea.

Hence, the words jettison and accept are antonyms.

  1. Grotesque

(a) Natural

(b) Odd

(c) Whimsical

(d) Sinful

Correct Answer
Option (a) Natural.


The word Grotesque (Adjective) means: Strange in a way that is unpleasant: extremely ugly, unusual.

Hence, the words grotesque and natural are antonyms.

  1. Evanescent

(a) Imminent

(b) Permanent

(c) Pervasive

(d) Immanent

Correct Answer
Option (b) Permanent


The word Evanescent (Adjective) means:  Disappearing quickly from sight or memory.

Hence, the words evanescent and permanent are antonymous.

  1. Infirmity

(a) Employment

(b) Indisposition

(c) Strength

(d) Weakness

Correct Answer
Option (c) Strength.


  • The word Infirmity (Noun) means: Weakness or illness over a long period.
  • Its antonym should be strength (Noun) which means: The quality of being physically strong, brave

  1. Meticulous

(a) Forgetful

(b) Destructive

(c) Careless

(d) Flagrant

Correct Answer
Option (c) Careless


The word Meticulous (Adjective) means: paying careful attention to every detail; fastidious; thorough.

Careless in option (c) is the correct antonymy.

  1. Liberty

(a) Serenity

(b) Slavery

(c) Serfdom

(d) Subordination

Correct Answer
Option (b) Slavery.


  • The word Liberty (Noun) means: freedom to live as you choose without too many restrictions from government or authority.
  • The word slavery (Noun) means: state of being a slave: a system of legally owning another person and forcing to work for them.

  1. Elevation

(a) Reduction

(b) Humiliation

(c) Depression

(d) Debasement

Correct Answer
Option (c) Depression.


  • The word Elevation (Noun) means:  to increase in the level of something.
  • The word Depression (Noun) means: the state of feeling very sad and without hope; part of a surface; that is lower than the parts around it.

  1. Appropriate

(a) Dissimilar

(b) Incomparable

(c) Unsuitable

(d) Disparate

Correct Answer
Option (c) Unsuitable.


The word Appropriate (Adjective) means: suitable acceptable or correct for the particular circumstances. Its antonym should be unsuitable.

  1. Amalgamate

(a) Separate

(b) Combine

(c) Assimilate

(d) Integrate

Correct Answer
Option (a) Separate.


  • The word Amalgamate (Verb) means: Merge; to put two or more things together so that they form one; assimilate.
  • Its antonym should be separate which means: To divide into different parts or groups; to move apart.

  1. Influx

(a) Reflex

(b) Deflection

(c) Effluent

(d) Exodus

Correct Answer
Option (d) Exodus.


  • The word Influx (Noun) means: The fact of a lot of people, money or things arriving somewhere.
  • The word Exodus (Noun) means: A situation in which many people leave a place at the same time.

  1. Amenable

(a) Acquiescent

(b) Distrustful

(c) Inattentive

(d) Unwilling

Correct Answer
Option (d) Unwilling.


The word Amenable (Adjective) means: Responsible; responsive; easy to control; willing.

Its antonym should be unwilling.

  1. Reproof

(a) Approbation

(b) Apposition

(c) Condemnation

(d) Appropriation

Correct Answer
Option (a) Approbation.


  • The word Reproof (Noun) means: Condemnation; blame, rebuke; disapproval.
  • The word Approbation (Noun) means: Approval or agreement.

  1. Exotic

(a) Conventional

(d) Poor

(c) Inexpensive

(d) Indigenous

Correct Answer
Option (d) Indigenous.


  • The word Exotic (Adjective) means: From or in another country.
  • The word Indigenous (Adjective) means: Native; belonging to a particular place rather than coming to it from somewhere else.

English Grammar Objective Questions: MCQs on ‘Antonyms’

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