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MCQs On ‘Synonyms’- English Grammar Objective Questions.

MCQs on ‘Synonyms’- English Grammar Objective Questions.

MCQs on ‘Synonyms’- English Grammar Objective Questions are important questions for all competitive exams i.e. UPSC, SSC, Railways, Banking, CET etc. Many questions were asked in pervious year’s exams from this topic. 

Let’s start the topic:

MCQs on ‘Synonyms’- English Grammar Objective Questions.

DIRECTIONS:  In the following questions, choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given word.

  1. Cantankerous

(a) Cancerous

(b) Ferocious

(c) Quarrelsome

(d) Fissiparous

Correct Answer
Option (c) Quarrelsome.


The word Cantankerous (Adjective) means: Bad tempered and always complaining.

  • Hence, the words cantankerous and quarrelsome are synonymous.

  1. Derision

(a) Humiliation

(b) Embarrassment

(c) Ridicule

(d) Condemnation

Correct Answer
Option (c) Ridicule.


The word Derision (Noun) means: Ridicule; mockery; a strong feeling that somebody/something is ridiculous and not worth considering seriously.

  1. Debacle

(a) Decline

(b) Downfall

(c) Discomfiture

(d) Degeneration

Correct Answer
Option (b) Downfall


The word Debacle (Noun) means: An event or a situation that is a sudden or complete failure.

  • Hence, the words debacle and downfall are synonymous.

  1. Prophylactic

(a) Antagonistic

(b) Toxic

(c) Preventive

(d) Purgative

Correct Answer
Option (c) Preventive.


The word Prophylactic means: Course of action used to prevent a disease.

  • Hence, the words prophylactic and preventive are synonymous.


  1. Flimsy

(a) Funny

(b) Irrational

(c) Weak

(d) Partisan

Correct Answer
Option (c) Weak.


The word Flimsy (Adjective) means: Badly made and not strong enough: thin and easily torn.

  • Hence, the words flimsy and weak are synonymous.

  1. Vindictive

(a) Imaginative

(b) Accusative

(c) Spiteful

(d) Aggressive

Correct Answer
Option (c) Spiteful.


The word Vindictive (Adjective) means: Trying to harm or upset somebody or showing that you want to, because you think that they have harmed you; spiteful; revengeful.

  • Option (c) spiteful is the correct synonym as it means: Having or showing a desire to harm, anger or defeat someone.

  1. Genial

(a) Cordial

(b) Unselfish

(c) Careful

(d) Specific

Correct Answer
Option (a) Cordial.


The word Genial (Adjective) means: Friendly and cheerful; affable; cordial.

  1. Barren

(a) Good

(b) Wholesome

(c) Unproductive

(d) Profitable

Correct Answer
Option (c) Unproductive.


The word Barren (Adjective) means: Not good enough for plants to grow on it; infertile unproductive.

  1. Intrepid

(a) Hesitant

(b) Fearless

(c) Extrovert

(d) Rash

Correct Answer
Option (b) Fearless.


The word Intrepid (Adjective) means: Very brave not afraid of danger or difficulties fearless.

  1. Perspicuous

(a) Relevant

(b) Precise

(c) Brief

(d) Clear

Correct Answer
Option (b) Precise.


The word Perspicuous (Adjective) means: Precise clear and accurate.

  1. Mammoth

(a) Straight

(b) Huge

(c) Wild

(d) Greedy

Correct Answer
Option (b) Huge.


The word Mammoth (Adjective) means: Extremely large; huge.

  1. Eulogy

(a) Apology

(b) Address

(c) Speech

(d) Praise

Correct Answer
Option (d) Praise.


The word Eulogy (Noun) means: Speech or piece of writing praising somebody/something very much praise.

  1. Annexure

(a) Retirement

(b) Commencement

(c) Attachment

(d) Development

Correct Answer
Option (c) Attachment.


The word Annexure (Noun) means: Attachment; Appendix

  1. Bequeath

(a) Give

(b) Disclose

(c) Scold

(d) Surround

Correct Answer
Option (a) Give


The word Bequeath (Verb) means: Pass something on to someone else; Give

  1. Forbearance

(a) Deliverance

(b) Patience

(c) Extravagance

(d) Relevance

Correct Answer
Option (b) Patience.


The word Forbearance (Noun) means: Patience; The quality of being patient and sympathetic towards other people.

MCQs on ‘Synonyms’- English Grammar Objective Questions.

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