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General Science Quiz/Mock Test -2

General Science Quiz/Mock Test -2

Before start General Science Quiz/Mock Test -2, read instructions carefully.

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General Science Quizzes

General Science Mock Test/Quiz - 2

Detailed information about the quiz before starting it:-

  • This quiz/mock test is intended for checking your knowledge of General Science. It takes 10 minutes to score the Test.
  • If you don’t finish the test within the mentioned time, all the unanswered questions will be count as wrong.
  • You can miss the question by clicking the “Next” button and return to the previous questions by the “Previous” button.
  • Every unanswered question will be counted as wrong.
  • Total Questions in the test are 25 and you will get 1 mark for each right answer.
  • Maximum Marks 25
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Ringworm is a _____disease.

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BT seed is associated with__?

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Which of the following could be used as fuel in propellant or rockets?

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Which plant is called Herbal Indian Doctor?

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Saliva helps in the digestion of:

6 / 25

If all bullets could not be removed from gunshot injury of a man, it may cause poisoning by__?

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The time period of a pendulum when taken to the Moon would__?

8 / 25

An artificial ecosystem is represented by:

9 / 25

lodoform is used as an__.

10 / 25

White lung disease is prevalent among the workers of:

11 / 25

Who invented vaccination for 'Small Pox'?

12 / 25

The pH of human blood is__?

13 / 25

The longest bone in the human body is__.

14 / 25

The addition of gypsum to portland cement helps in:

15 / 25

In coriander, the useful parts are__?

16 / 25

Pituitary gland is situated in__?

17 / 25

The function of ball hearings in a wheel is__.

18 / 25

The optimum dissolved oxygen level (in mg/liter) required for survival of aquatic organisms is:

19 / 25

The constituents of automobile exhaust that can cause cancer is are:

20 / 25

Which amongst the following is largest endocrine gland in the body?

21 / 25

Angle of friction and angle of repose are__?

22 / 25

Which one of the following minerals is found in Monazite sand?

23 / 25

What happens to a person who receives the wrong type of blood?

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'Shock–absorbers' are usually made of steel as it: 

25 / 25

Which amongst the following is the largest mammal?

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