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General Science Quiz/Mock Test -11

General Science Quiz/Mock Test -11

Before start General Science Quiz/Mock Test -11, read instructions carefully.

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You have only 10 Mins for 25 Questions.

You have only 10 Mins for 25 Questions.

General Science Quizzes

General Science Mock Test/Quiz - 11

Detailed information about the quiz before starting it:-

  • This quiz/mock test is intended for checking your knowledge of General Science. It takes 10 minutes to score the Test.
  • If you don’t finish the test within the mentioned time, all the unanswered questions will be count as wrong.
  • You can miss the question by clicking the “Next” button and return to the previous questions by the “Previous” button.
  • Every unanswered question will be counted as wrong.
  • Total Questions in the test are 25 and you will get 1 mark for each right answer.
  • Maximum Marks 25
Click “Start” Button to pass the quiz

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An anemometer measures which of the following?

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Which light is least effective in photosynthesis?

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Muddy water is treated with alum in purification process, it is termed as __?

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The quality or tone of a musical sound produced by a stringed instrument depends on __?

5 / 25

An enzyme produced by HIV that allows the integration of HIV DNA into the host cell's DNA is __?

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Removal of carbon particles from air involves the principle of __?

7 / 25

Which among the following is the sweetest sugar?

8 / 25

Who of the following has given the term rhizosphere?

9 / 25

For which one of the following, ‘Diodes’ are generally used for?

10 / 25

Which of the following is indicated by the color of a star?

11 / 25

Microbial degradation of nitrates into atmospheric nitrogen is known as __?

12 / 25

Which cell disorder in our body is responsible for color blindness?

13 / 25

Which is the highest quality of hard coal?

14 / 25

Atomic number of an atom gives the number of which of the following?

15 / 25

The two specific heats of gases are related by:

16 / 25

The best milch breed of cattle in the world is __?

17 / 25

During fermentation of sugar, the compound which is always formed is __?

18 / 25

Ultra purification of a metal is done by __?

19 / 25

A particle is thrown vertically upward. When it reaches the highest point, it has __________.

20 / 25

Which of the following acts as best adsorbent?

21 / 25

Reverse transcription was discovered by __?

22 / 25

The antibiotic penicillin is obtained from which of the following?

23 / 25

Which one of the following forms the base of vegetable fibers?

24 / 25

DPT vaccine is categorized as which of the following?

25 / 25

Burns caused by steam are much more severe than those caused by boiling water because __?

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